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Our Guarantee to you

Home of the 10 year boxer shorts guarantee

We have sourced the best quality material to make our Boxers and we are confident that they are made to last; therefore we are happy to offer a 10-year guarantee that they will not fall apart or buttons come off. Please return any faulty pair and we will replace them quibble free.

However, this guarantee is for normal wear and tear and the assumption that you have followed the washing instructions. Please do not put them in the tumble dryer, treat them with the same love and respect that we made them with.

Also, although we offer the 10-year guarantee, we do not recommend that you only buy new underwear every 10 years! To obtain the freshness and experience that new underwear offers you we recommend you replace it every 2 years as a minimum.

Underwear is the most hard wearing of any item you put on; do not miss out on the wonderful feeling that putting on crisp new Boxers gives you.