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About Tom Clinch

Tom Clinch Unique Boxer Short | Home of the 10 year boxer shorts guarantee

Welcome to Tom Clinch.

Tom Clinch is a small, family-run British clothing company, committed to offering our customers an individual service and priding ourselves on going the extra mile.

We offer scrupulous attention to detail, exclusive fabrics and fine craftmanship, while understated quality and a keen eye for style are at our core.

We have deliberately chosen to create a few pivotal pieces that will fit easily into your wardrobe.  Timeless in look, we hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we have enjoyed designing them.

We will always personally answer your calls and emails and as we do not use a fulfilment centre, your order will be hand-wrapped and dispatched by us.

We'd love to hear from you.

Nick and Amanda


Meet the Team


I have spent the last 15 years in the Service Accommodation business and started Tom Clinch as a hobby because I couldn’t find the Boxer Shorts I wanted so had them made.  We decided to add shirts, socks, belts and laundry bags to complement our underwear and tomclinch.com was born, I love it and I hope you will too, the joy of finding all your favourite products in one place!











I was born in Jersey, as a consequence my background is in finance. I moved to the UK 19 years ago for pastures new and I ran a successful National Art Competition for 12 years. However, I have decided to set myself a new challenge and joined tomclinch.com with Nick; my aim is to get men to wear decent underwear! For a woman it all starts from the base layer, if your underwear isn’t good then no matter what you put on top, be it Haute Couture or high street fashion you will never feel good, get your underwear right and you will feel a million dollars. If it works for woman, then it has to work for men too!

So come along guys, look through that underwear drawer and ditch those terrible things that are lurking in there and take a look at the tomclinch.com Boxer, you will never look back!





I recently graduated from university where I studied Business and Management. Since I was young I have followed menswear trends and like to keep up to date on brand releases, and how these releases are marketed. Over time my interest in menswear has gradually shifted away from branded items, towards more tailored menswear with a greater focus on the quality of the garments. I will enjoy the challenge of marketing a new product, putting my degree to good use.









My role in the business is as a sounding board for all important decisions in every aspect of the business; nothing is done without my input!

I have a background in fashion as my collars might give away. Despite not being able to wear most of the products I still retain an iron grip on the day to day running of my empire.









Clever Tom Clinch

I’m Clever Tom Clinch who was hung like a hero. From the very kind ballad that my mate Jonathan wrote about me, you will see that I’m a right old dandy, therefore I’m absolutely delighted that Nick and the team have chosen to call the company after me! I wish them well.




I retired from full time employment as an analyst programmer in 2009, but as I left, Amanda’s National Open Art predecessor asked me for help on the computing side. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda for the last 10 years and look forward to being a useful member of the Tom Clinch team, assisting with the website and mailing lists.










My hobbies are running and sprinting, long distance travel, photography and graphic design. I joined the team to help manage the social media accounts and to assist with the content creation.I grew up in a small town on the southeast part of Lithuania, surrounded by forests and green fields. I moved to England at 18 to study Digital Marketing in Portsmouth. To fund my education, I worked part-time as a retail assistant in a well-known men’s clothing store, where I got my passion for high quality clothes and accessories.