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Here is Why You Should Be Wearing Boxer Shorts

Tom Clinch | Why wear boxer shorts | Home of the 10 year boxer shorts guaranteeI’m guessing you have all heard this many times before but it still needs to be said.

Firstly, the obvious one for middle aged guys, they are MUCH more flattering than any other type of underwear. If you’re under 30 then I get the tight trunk style but after that it’s Boxers all the way.

Secondly, they are MUCH more comfortable; wear them for a week and see for yourself.

Thirdly they are better for your “kit”. It all gets less hot and has room to breath.

Lastly and this is unique to our underwear, they have a really soft inner pouch that keeps everything in its place.

From sheer style to comfort and class, Boxer Shorts win hands down.

I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t!