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This is why Tom Clinch Boxer Shorts are Unique

Tom Clinch Iconic Boxer Shorts Front View

Welcome to Tom Clinch - my name’s Nick and I founded this company because I believe the men of Britain can and should be doing better when it comes to our personal appearance. 

While what the public sees you in is important, that goes especially for underwear - which most of us only buy every few years with barely a thought to design, comfort, or support. I only wear boxer shorts myself, but I could not find a pair that I felt I looked good in as I moved into middle age. 

That’s where the Tom Clinch boxers were born - quite simply I decided to design the pair I wanted to wear myself. That meant combining the best materials, a flattering cut, and uniquely, a pouch to avoid unsightly lines and stains. We believe this is the first time the boxer short has been redesigned in almost 100 years. 

There has been a lot of research done on the correlation between your choice of underwear and the impact it has on your emotional mood - and while it sounds surprising, there is evidence that if you start your day by putting on attractive, well-fitting underwear then you’re simply likely to feel better about yourself. That means more confidence, more positivity and wellbeing. The Tom Clinch boxer shorts will give you those in spades.

It’s also worth remembering that although your underwear is out of sight, it certainly isn’t out of mind - the right pair will keep you feeling great all day long. 

Underwear should never be an afterthought; after all, consider who is going to see you when those trousers come off, be that in the gym, at the doctors or more importantly the bedroom. 

My son and I are in our fifties and twenties respectively and we both find the stylish form of these boxers combined with the unique pouch made from T-shirt material have gone down a storm with those we’re closest to. 

We men can do better - let’s start today.

Nick Clinch, Founder