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Why Tom Clinch Boxer Shorts are Unique

As I’ve mentioned before I only wear Boxer Shorts, however, having not found exactly what I wanted, I had some made to my own design.

Amanda’s daughter Lucy has mocked up a great drawing to show you what I was after but couldn’t find.

Much research has been done on the correlation between your choice of underwear and the impact is has on your emotional mood, as crazy as this seems, there is evidence that if you start your day putting on attractive well-fitting underwear this has a direct influence on your wellbeing and emotional positivity…. So a good reason to invest in Tom Clinch Boxer Shorts, they will put a smile on your face all day long!

It’s also worth remembering that although your underwear is out of sight, it certainly is not out of mind, the right pair will keep you feeling great all day long. Think about who is going to see that underwear when those trousers come off, be it in the gym or more importantly the bedroom. Come off it guys, who really, in midlife can get away with tight fitting underwear? Boxer Shorts are far and away more flattering, so if you don’t want people sniggering behind your back or the significant other half suddenly developing a headache, you know what to do and where to buy the best!

‘Your underwear is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, it has to be comfortable and stylish and the Tom Clinch Boxer Shorts have both in spades. Take it from one who knows, I wear them every day!’