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Meet Nick

Nick Clinch ? Creator of the Tom Clinch Boxer Shorts
We all really hope you will visit the website and as you look through our range think to yourself that you would wear most if not all of the clothes.

We have been dedicated to providing you with some staple pieces; that Oxford Shirt in a great White | Sky Blue | Pink | Blue Check that really suits a good pair of Jeans or Chinos.  The crisp Oxford Cotton Boxers that match your shirt and the plain socks that will look the business at any occasion. As you will have just read I'm hoping you either do or will be wearing matching Boxers and Shirts!

The ethos has been dead simple; what would WE want to find on a men's clothing website and then we have sourced the best fabrics we could find combined with a timeless design.

I'm middle-aged and have been increasingly frustrated with the lack of quality clothing that I could buy either on the High street or Internet.  Nobody seemed to be interested in my age group, either that or they assumed we had all given up on style.  If you consider for a moment the age group 45 to 65, I'm sure you will agree that many online retailers want you to look as if you are off shooting on a Country Estate or desperately trying to look like your son. 

This Website is all about looking good and feeling good with simple and yet stylish clothes that will never date.