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Here are the reasons why you need a Tom Clinch Laundry Bag

Tom Clinch Cotton Laundry Bag
We know that you probably have never thought about this but these are the reasons why you do ~

The environment ~ We know that this is a hot topic at the moment, but who cannot hold their hands up and say that when they are on holiday or away on business, they don’t stuff their dirty undies and socks into a plastic bag? And what happens to that plastic bag? Well, we don’t need to tell you unless you have been in a coma for the last few months. With a Tom Clinch Laundry Bag, you can come back from your trip conscience-free, knowing you are doing your bit.

Hygiene ~ if you are one of the people who don’t use a plastic bag and shove your dirty laundry into your suitcase, well, let us not dwell on that for too long, but really, do you want your dirty washing in with your clean clothes? With a Tom Clinch Laundry Bag just pop in all your dirties and job done; when you get home it goes straight into the laundry basket (hopefully for someone else to sort out!)

Tidiness ~ you’re in your hotel room, what do you do with the dirty underwear you have just taken off, do you throw it on the floor by the bed for housecleaning to pick up the next day; do you put it in a nasty plastic bag or do you hide it in your suitcase? NO. You put it in your beautifully made Tom Clinch Laundry bag that you have hung on a chair or the bathroom door.

Style ~ our beautifully made laundry bag will give you that extra bit of hidden style. You have the designer labels, you go to smart restaurants, you are staying in a fabulous boutique hotel but you put your dirty clothes into a plastic bag or worse! Come on, buy your Tom Clinch Laundry bag and raise your game.

Hope we’ve convinced you!